Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snow Week

It's been an interesting week with all the snow. We got hit Sunday the 14th and it snowed off and on the entire week. The kids didn't have school all week so everyone has a bit of cabin fever. Fortunately it snowed another 10+" Saturday (yesterday) so we all went out and spent some energy. Thanks goes to Joanne Hadley for letting us use their sleds to slide down towards the creek near our home. Crashes were few and laughs were many.

We've been blessed to still have power so we are warm and safe. We watched the weather outside today go from little flakes to heavy ice rain to big fat heavy snowflakes. Needless to say we have stayed in for the duration today.


  1. Looks like fun :) Have a nice Christmas!

  2. Finally a blogger eh? Well, good job on your first blog. We look forward to many more =)

  3. Great snow pictures! Glad to hear the kids are having fun on the sleds. Also, we are sooo excited to see your name on the "blog roll". :)