Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Jammies

The Call Family has a tradition of sewing Christmas Jammies.
Fortunately there are no pictures of the first year Keone was
part of the family in his Christmas Muumuu.
Angie has carried on this tradition much to the delight of our family!
The family all ready in their Christmas Jammies
(and Didi all snug in her bed).

The girls looking pretty!

The kids (and Didi of course)

The boys having fun with "short legs."

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Snow Month?

Usually when we get snow in Portland it's a rush to get all the playing done since it will be gone tomorrow. With the extended "arctic blasts" we've received there have been ample opportunities to have fun. I just wanted to share some more pictures of us in the snow as Christmas nears because a White Christmas in Oregon is rare indeed. DiDi has been a trooper in all of this since it's her first snow. She loves running around in the tracks we made in the snow and leaping out when she falls down through it all.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snow Week

It's been an interesting week with all the snow. We got hit Sunday the 14th and it snowed off and on the entire week. The kids didn't have school all week so everyone has a bit of cabin fever. Fortunately it snowed another 10+" Saturday (yesterday) so we all went out and spent some energy. Thanks goes to Joanne Hadley for letting us use their sleds to slide down towards the creek near our home. Crashes were few and laughs were many.

We've been blessed to still have power so we are warm and safe. We watched the weather outside today go from little flakes to heavy ice rain to big fat heavy snowflakes. Needless to say we have stayed in for the duration today.